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How it Works

Pick a challenge
Join a small group in your city to complete a challenge together. Some challenges are light hearted and silly, others are more ambitious. Either way, get out of your comfort zone and live a little!
Have fun
You can be serious at work. At Clubhouse we're here to play and enjoy ourselves. Whether you're training for a marathon or writing a short story it's our escape where we can have fun and laugh together.
Make friends
If you're new to the city or are an SF native there is no better way to meet new people. We keep the groups small so we can really get to know one another while doing something fun.

Dolores Park Weekends

Find us at Dolores Park this Saturday and Sunday afternoon between 1 - 3pm.

You'll get a taste of some challenges that are coming up like learning to graffiti or breaking a Guiness world record.

There may be a few other surprises too ;)

Overweight Jan 2017,   Ironman Cozumel Nov 2018

The Story

👋 Hi there, I'm Omar. This is my story of how I went from overweight and unhappy to the fittest I'd ever been and finding a community I loved.

It inspired me to create Clubhouse to help others go on adventures, discover hobbies, and make friends along the way.

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